Market Research

Since 1992, Market Forces has executed over 250 Quantitative and Qualitative research studies across varied fields like Engineering, Manufacturing, Automobile, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, IT & ITES, Diary and Consumer products.

Our reliable research studies and recommendations have helped our clients in India take critical business decisions. Some of our clients who have benefitted from our research services are: Click here

Our Functional Specializations:

  • Industry Overview studies
  • New Project Feasibility
  • Diversification studies
  • Customer Satisfaction studies
  • Brand Awareness studies


Our Qualitative Research services include:

  • Focused Group Discussions
  • Depth Interviews
  • Ethnography


What can a Qualitative Research tell you?

  • What customers or prospects think and feel about your product or service
  • How customers choose between different products or suppliers; what motivates them
  • How branding, design and packaging influence customers and in what way
  • What sort of marketing messages have the most impact on customers
  • How price affects their decision-making process
  • Whether the new design/packaging/brand name is acceptable

How can Quantitative Research help you?

  • Is there a market for your product or service?
  • Market size, growth rate and your percentage share
  • Awareness level for your product or service
  • Your marketing strategies vis-a-vis your Competitors’
  • Factors affecting consumer decision making
  • Changing market needs of your target market